Titan Vacuums

The Titan Vacuum Story

In 2007, Titan Vacuum began its journey into the residential vacuum market with the introduction of Titan central vacuums. Backed by one of the most reputable central vacuum manufacturers, Titan successfully launched the Titan Central Vacuum line of products. With thousands of units sold since then, Titan has earned the credibility of being a powerful and durable vacuum that is built with the quality you expect when buying high-end floor care for your home. The TCS-5525 and TCS-8575 central vacuums give you plenty of power for homes ranging from 5,000 square feet to 8,000 square feet. And both vacuums carry a lifetime motor warranty ensuring these vacuums are built to last.

Titan Vacuums upped its game in 2013 with the addition of two more vacuums to its central vacuum line. The Titan TCS-5702 and TCS-6602 central vacuum systems continue the legacy on which Titan was built, using the same heavy-duty, long-lasting motors that makes them a leader in central vacuums. With the durability to outlive competing vacuums, the Titan TCS-5702 and TCS-6602 central vacuum systems are two of the most powerful vacuums in the industry today. With a square footage rating of 7,500 to 10,000 square feet, the Titan TCS-5702 and TCS-6602 fit larger homes where central vacuums are must-have floor care.

But the Titan name does not stop at just central vacuums. In January 2017, Titan unveiled its upright vacuum line into the market. Now with four models to choose from, the Titan upright vacuums have been built to offer years of service with features such as the metal components that make up the unit from the handle to the bottom plate. When you need convenience, at-the-ready onboard tools reach way beyond expectations, plus the HEPA media filter keeps the dust in the vacuum where it belongs. The lightweight, cordless T500 offers you an easy-to-maneuver vacuum that runs for 60+ at top power. Titan’s T3200 and T4000.2 are feature-rich with HEPA filtration, onboard tools, telescopic wands and more. The TC6000.2 commercial upright vacuum makes short work of cleaning with loads of features including an extra-long cord, thermal reset button and riveted bumper. Cleaning homes from top to bottom has never been easier with the Titan upright vacuums.

The family of Titan vacuums expanded in March 2018 with the debut of the next generation of efficient, powerful canisters - the T9000 and T9500. Two additional models were added to the line with the T8000 and T1400 bringing you a total of four canister models to meet any need. The T9000, now the T9200, saw an upgrade in 2019 and each include an improved power nozzle that is the workhorse of the industry. Titan’s canister vacuums clean any task from bare floors to rugs, under furniture and over window draperies. They can do it all. Loaded with convenient features like HEPA filtration, multi-level height adjustment, brushroll on/off switch and auto-cord rewind, the Titan line of canister vacuums can handle all your tough cleaning chores.

No matter which Titan vacuum you choose, you’ll love the power, durability and maneuverability of the Titan brand vacuum. Experience the Titan difference TODAY!